Kempshott History Timeline

History of Kempshott - Timeline for  1750s - 1980s
For  information on Kempshott prior to the 1750s - Kempshott in Prehistory
Decade Notable  Events in History Kempshott  Milestones
1750s The May  family  established a brewing business in Basingstoke 1753-1788 Basingstoke Races held on  Basingstoke Down
    1759 Taylor's map of  Basingstoke published - showing the area pre-enclosure
1760s 1760 George III became king 1762-3 Lord Bolton's estate maps compiled
    1762  The Ship Inn existed on site of Stag & Hounds pub.
1770s 1776 American Declaration of Independence 1779 last lease of Basingstoke Down issued for the twice-yearly Fair - to 1782
1780s 1783-84 Volcano Laki erupted - resulting in weather disruption  for 3 years 1795 Mediaeval house at  Kempshott Park rebuilt
  1789 French Revolution 1786-88 Enclosure of  agricultural land in Basingstoke
    1786 Races ceased on Basingstoke Down after 120 years
    1788 Down Grange  estate held byDavis family, drapers of Basingstoke
1790s 1795 beginning of Napoleonic Wars 1788-89 Prince of Wales  rented Kempshott House
  1797 Suspension of the Gold Standard Land Tax returns indicate buildings on Down Grange estate
  1798 Pitt introduced temporary tax to finance war  
1800s 1805 Battle of Trafalgar  
  1806-15 Continental Blockade reduced  UK imports - agricultural prices rose as did cost of living  
  1809 Unidentified volcanic erruption resulted in lowertemperatures for several years.  
1810s 1815 Battle of Waterloo ended Napoleonic wars  
  1815  Wheat prices crashed - Corn Laws enacted to protect UK wheat production 1816 map  shows but does not name The White House
  1816 1st Edition Ordnance Survey map of Basingstoke pulished 1818 Down Grange Estate bought by  Augustus Robert Hankey, banker
  1816 Volcano Tambora errupted - 'year without a summer' 1819 The Ship Inn renamed The Stag & Hounds
  1816-1838 Long Period of Agricultural depression  
1820s 1820 George III suceeded by  George IV  
  1821 Return to the Gold Standard & credit crunch 1825 2 cottages built at Kite Hill
  1825 First railway opened  from Stockton to Darlington  
1830s 1830 George IV suceeded by William IV 1830 The Swing Riots -  agricultural unrest - also affected Kempshott
  1834 Tolpuddle Martyrs deported 1832 Robbery at  Buckskin Farm
  1837 William IV suceeded by  Victoria 1835 Waldo's Charity took over  Kite Hill cottages
    1839 Tithe commutation in Basingstoke -  Whistler-Portsmouth family association with Kempshott farms began
1840s 1840 - 75 The  Golden Age of agricultural prosperity 1841 Census - Kempshott population 89
  1840 Penny Post instituted  
  1841 First  comprehensive National Census taken  
  1846 Repeal of the Corn Laws  
  1848 Railway line to Reading opened  
1850s 1851 The Great Exhibition 1851 Census -  Kempshott population 75
  1853-5 Crimean War 1853 - 87 Down Grange house let  to various tenants by Hankey family
  1859 Publication of Darwin's 'Origin of Species' 1856 Thomas Burberry opens outfitter shop, Wallis & Stevens agricultural engineers established in Basingstoke -  to  become large employers later
    1857 Milwards shoe factory established in Basingstoke
1860s 1865 William Booth founds Salvation Army 1861 Census - Kempshott population 113
    1861 - 90s Clark family  farmed Buckskin Farm
1870s 1870 Foster Education Act - elementary schooling for all children 1871 Census -  Kempshott population 107
  1871 Trade Unions legalised in Britain  
  1870s rise of dairy industry with better  rail transport to  towns & cities  
1880s 1881-2 Massagainian riots when Salvation Army  came to Basingstoke 1881 Census -  Kempshott population 139
  1883 Volcano Krakatoa errupted - weather affected for 2 years 1881 Down Grange Cottages built
  1888 County Councils  created 1887 Last  direct Hankey decendant died &  Down Grange Estate sold to Petter family - house still tenanted
  1889 -97 Period of  very variable weather - drought to flood  
1890s 1896 Agricultural Rates Act reduced tax burden on agriculture 1891 Census - Kempshott population 134
    1890 Portsmouth family built new Down Grange farmhouse -  Beechdown
    1891 Hibberd & Sons, Agricutural Engineers  occupied the White House
    1898 Thornycroft Company opened factory in west Basingstoke to build steam and then combustion engined vehicles
1900s 1901 Victoria suceeded by  Edward VII 1901 Census -  Kempshott population 153
  1909 Old Age Pension introduced 1905 Down Grange house bought by  Col Lycett Engeldue May - makes farm improvements including  2 cottages at Dellwood
    1909 Homesteads Ltd proposed redevelopment on Down Grange /Old Down farmland
1910s George V succeeds Edward VII 1910 Census -  Kempshott population 205
  1914-18 World War I 1911 First Poultry farm established atr Old Down Farm by  George Sydenham Hanson
  1914 First Electricity Fgenerating Station in Basingstoke 1911 Piped water arrived in part of Kempshott
    1912 The Tin Tabernacle -  Methodist Church in Kempshott founded
1920s Post  world war agricultural depression 1926 Crossways homesteads/housing development proposed on Crossways farmland
  1926 General Srike 1926-17 Kempshott Park estate broken up and sold at auction, part to Basingstoke Golf Club, main house does not sell
1930s 1936 Edward VIII suceeded George V 1933 Henry Portsmouth died & Down Grange estate sold, sold on again 1937-38
  1938 George VI suceeded Edward VIII 1949 The White House becomes a guest house
  1938 Kelvin,Bottomley & Baird ( Smiths Industries) moved to  Basingstoke The Tower Café & petrol station ( Homebase) 
  1939 - 48 World War II The Pied Piper  restaurant & garage (Home Bargains & Shell)
  1939 Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals factory opened in Baingstoke The Pack Lane Shops  built
    Beavers agricultural engineers 
1940s 1945-46 WW II ends in Europe and Asia 1940-45 Kempshott Park used as petroleum warfare research establishment
  1946-47 Coldest  winter on record in UK
1940 -45 Annettes Yard (by White House) used as POW camp for Italians then Germans
1946-1955 Ministry of Agriculture Voluntary Agricultural camp for Polish Workers
  1948 Lancing Bagnall factory opened in Basingstoke
1949 First  Kempshott Village Hall erected
1949 White House becomes a restaurant
1950s 1952 Elizabeth II succeeded Georg VI 1950s Kempshott house building gathered pace
  Post war reconstruction & house building  1953 Kempshott poultry farms experience fowl pest outbreak
    1958 The Berg Estate built
1960s 1961 London Overspill to  Basingstoke plan agreed. 1965 Poultry farms cease operation
  1967  UK first applied to join EEC 1965  Basingstoke Council  purchases remainer of Down Grange estate for public park
  1969 Man walked on the moon 1966  New housing estates planned across Kempshott
  1969 Thorneycroft factory closed 1968  New village hall opened
1970s 1971 Decimalisation 1971-73 Primary Schools opened in Kempshott
  1971 M3  motorway past Basingstoke opened 1970s Waldo's Charity wound up & cottages sold to private owners
  1972 Miners Strike &  3 day week 1978 Kempshott Village Hall expanded
  1973 UK joined EEC
  1974 District hospital opened  
  1976 Hottest summer on record  
1980s 1982 Falklands War 1983 The Stag & Hounds became a Harvester pub restaurant
  1987 Hurricane fells 15 milliion trees in southern England 1985 Down Grange House renovated and opened as  restaurant
    1983 The White House  became a Pizza Express restaurant